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💰 Job openings with WhatsApp for potential business products and a focus on international emerging markets makes it evident that WhatsApp is exploring monetization options.

📱 Apple has developed a new tool called Business Chat that allows customers to interact with brands outside of social media for their customer services needs, and even browse and buy products in the same chat thread.

👥 Zuckerberg’s vision looks to improving the existing Facebook community and making closer connections using one of its most prominent features: Facebook Groups.

📉 Jeffries’ aims to open eyes on IBM’s decline in competitive advantage. Other companies like Amazon are running at a much faster pace in the machine learning and artificial intelligence space. Expressed is the need to focus on long-term technological and strategic sustainability.

💡 Elon Musk and OpenAi’s newest robot system can imitate human behaviors after just one observation! Progress like this is guaranteed change our lives in the near future.

👜 Burberry combines digital marketing and sales using the app WeChat to reinvigorate Chinese sales and sees a 4% rise in overall sales. Also, after using the app for a new bag’s advertising campaign, they saw customer reach triple!

💬 Amazon may be building a messaging app called Anytime that would have standard messaging and video services as well as shopping and business features that could be used across smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and PCs.

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