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📱 Twitter finally introduces a new chatbot feature for advertisers using the “Direct Message Card” to bring brands and customers closer

💰 Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are generating millions of dollars in sales to home businesses in India in light of the growing e-commerce boom

🙇 Woebot, a chatbot designed by a Stanford clinical psychologist, uses cognitive-behavioral therapy to reduce depressive symptoms in people dealing with depression and anxiety

👥 Natural language processing is transforming the way people communicate at work with the ability of workbots to increase productivity, cut down response time and improve data accuracy

📈 A year and a half into this chatbot takeover, tech giants continue to constantly make headlines and bots and their tools are becoming more plentiful–all signs that growth in this next year will be exponential

💬 Businesses and developers can now test out Business Chat, Apple’s human to human conversation tool that allows customers and companies to communicate via iMessage and may one day rival Facebook’s Messenger

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