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📈 The effectiveness of bots is increasing hugely. By 2022, chatbots could save business $8bn a year with banking and healthcare expected to be the biggest sectors to benefit.

🤖 Just ahead of Google’s I/O event, some details have leaked out about a new service that Google is launching for developers that are building chatbots called Chatbase.

💰The European Commission has fined Facebook €110 million for providing incorrect or misleading information during the acquisition of WhatsApp.

💬 Whatsapp is raising concerns regarding its privacy policy as it is technically possible to collect huge data of phone numbers, profile pictures and status information of users.

☕️ Starbucks China transactions grew by 6% after its partnership with WeChat that allows users to send their friends coffees or gift certificates.

⚡ Microsoft announced major improvements to its Bot Framework adding new channels, bot payments, analytics and other related advancements.

📱 Telegram has dropped a major update by letting users buy directly from chatbots in its messaging app.

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