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💬 After its implementation by Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, WhatsApp has begun testing a system that allows businesses to message consumers directly.

🖥 Impressive advances are made in the AI world! IBM announced a major milestone in conversational speech recognition by launching a system that achieved a 6.9 percent word error rate. In addition, the company will be retiring its AlchemyAPI service on Bluemix.

🤖 Interested in Chatbots and coaching? Meet Penny, your personal finance coach that will help you to spend smarter, save more, live happier. Chatbots can also be great tools for companies to improve their sales and marketing strategy. Here are six effective ways to use them!

👮 British interior minister Amber Rudd urged tech companies to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in order to improve security and find a solution to message encryption that can be used for terrorist purposes.

💼 Gmail, Hangouts and Google+ are getting several improvements designed for businesses. These updates will focus and prioritize features that make things much simpler for both enterprise administrators and users.

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