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👻 After lots of speculation, Snapchat finally filed for it’s highly anticipated IPO. Coincidentally, Whatsapp rolled out its ‘status’ feature the same week.

💬 Google quietly launches Meet, an enterprise-friendly version of Hangouts.

💥 Discover how WhatsApp is fighting spam after its encryption rollout. However, there is still a lot of concerns about messaging apps encryption.

👦 Interesting millennial’s opinion on chatbots and their usage. This is why companies are launching their own bots like the money exchange service Transferwise, who just released their own bot on FB Messenger.

🤖 AI is one of the hottest topics right now. Amazon just launched his new AI blog, Facebook is using AI to prevent suicides on Messenger and Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, declarations on how humans and AI should merge in the future.

🏢 Conversational interfaces are the present and the future of businesses communication. You can see how fashion brands are using Whatsapp and some enterprises, like Typeform, are exploring to evolve into it.

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