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ISSUE #17:  Chat is google’s next big fix for Android’s messaging mess 🎖

🎖 Chat is google’s next big fix for Android’s messaging mess.

🚶‍Facebook Messenger boss David Marcus announced that he's leaving his current role to start exploring how to best use blockchain technology at Facebook.

🤖 Google's demo of its voice assistant has thrown a spotlight on how advanced AI can now carry on conversations that are so lifelike that even a human listener can be fooled.

💬 Yahoo is testing a messaging app called Squirrel focused on group messaging.

📱 Instagram launched new messaging features for businesses to increase interactions between customers and brands. In addition, the app has expanded its booking and payments feature so that users can make reservations, buy tickets or book a service.

🔒 Twitter is reportedly testing a secret, encrypted messaging option that would enable its platform to go up against Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp.

🎙 Woman says her Amazon device recorded private conversation and sent it out to random contact.

⚖️ Complaints against Google and Facebook has been filed on the first day of the EU's new GDPR data protection law.

💼 The Intel AI Lab has open-sourced a library for natural language processing to help researchers and developers give conversational agents the smarts necessary to function.

📖 Google’s astounding new search tool will answer any question by reading thousands of books.

📨 YouTube is bringing its messaging feature to the web. Now, you can share and talk about videos with your friends right on the site.

🚧 Telegram app says Apple is blocking updates over dispute with Russia.

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