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Issue #14: Special Mobile World Congress 2018 Edition 📱

The 2018 edition of the Mobile World Congress came to an end with many announcements in the mobile and tech space. In case you missed it, here are the main highlights!

📱 Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S9 that will tower over the Android phone industry for at least the rest of this year with its new dual-aperture camera, fingerprint reader and powerful processor.

📞 Feelings of nostalgia for old phones? HMD is reviving the legendary Nokia 8110 aka “Banana Phone” with a battery life that lasts for weeks and significantly more capabilities than the original one.

💾 SanDisk came to MWC with a huge, fast and ultra-durable microSD card of 400GB. That translates to more space for less waiting time to read and write data.

💻 Lenovo presented a new trio of Chromebooks designed for students and able to deal with the chaos of a classroom. One of them allows you to take notes with a regular pencil directly on the screen.

🎧 The headphone jack is becoming scarce in the mobile industry with many brands introducing new flagships without a headphone jack.

👀 Vivo’s Apex grabbed a lot of attention by being the first company with a fingerprint reader integrated directly into the display.

🚀 Sony's comeback may have started with its new Xperia XZ2 that comes with a curved back design, wireless charging, a working fingerprint sensor on the back and a 3D scanning capability.

⚡️ Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE and many others players are on the run to make 5G a reality. Some of them revealed plans to start testing live networks this year.

📹 Huawei launched a laptop with a hidden camera in its keyboard in case you’re worried about people spying on you.

🚴‍ Neurovalens presented a headset that generates a low-level electrical pulse which sends a signal to the brain to burn fat and lose weight.

🏢 Vayyar has developed a sensor that uses radio waves to "see" through materials to detect what's on the other side of a wall.