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Welcome to the first issue of Messaging Business Trends, the place for the curious minds in the messaging ecosystem where you’ll get fresh news every few weeks.

Giving that 2016 just ended and this is our first number, we decided to share the most impacting and influential trends of the year:

💬 2016 was the year people realized messaging is going to be the next platform.

✈ Facebook Messenger opened up its API and its analytics tool to the world. KLM showed us how to improve the life of their customers with an outstanding check-in chatbot.

✋🏽 We welcomed a new player: Google Allo.

💌 Twitter had its share of attention by launching a chatbot API for direct messages(still in private beta).

🤖 Interesting news on the Artificial Intelligence landscape too: Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft came together to create the Partnership on AI. Some even claimed Chatbots will kill 99% of Apps.

📈 More on how AI and messaging will shape the future of the customer serviceindustry.

🎆 We said “Happy New Year!!” 63 billion times, only on Whatsapp, only in NYE. There are 100 billion stars in our galaxy.

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